The mask we wear

I am an erotic writer

I hope you enjoy my passion.

There is something in the hunger.

Something in the moments of longing.
We all crave to feel a certain burning.

It washes over you, intoxicating you
with something that we call “desire”.

It is stirred within you by the simple things.

Watching someone move.
Something in the look in their eyes.
Perhaps it is the rise and fall of their chest.
The stimulation of sight.

Something can trigger you
with the slightest
scent of their skin or perfume.
Simple things like the smell of apple pie
and vanilla ice cream.
Stimulating the sense of smell.

Something in the sound of “mmmm”,
while you lick the back of your spoon.
Simply savoring the delicious flavors of your ice cream,
stimulate your sense of sound.

If connected with your mind and your real thoughts,
eye contact can trigger a smile in either person.
Intention has already been stated and flirting has been exchanged.

Suddenly there is something in the kinetic energy of the air
If you stand behind someone and simply breathe in the air
of your own desire for them,
they can feel your longing.
Almost always you will brush up against someone
if you are interested in them.
Stimulating the sense of touch.

Something in your first kiss.
When you desire to be carnal with another person
you come together in a mutual acceptance
to release your own sexual energy.
You give yourself without thought
simply for your own pleasure.
When you allow someone to stick their tongue in your mouth
you ignite the sense of taste.

If the desire is connected, fed to you and returned without thought
that passion simply sweeps over you in your own need to reach orgasm.

Kisses feed the hunger, touches fuel the flames.
Moans fill the room intoxicating you with the smell of your own primal scent.
When the two scents mix together lust is created.
In the ebb and flow of touching, caresses, roughness and pure release,
you allow yourself the intoxication of loving another person’s flesh
for your own pleasure.

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  1. Jude April 1, 2017 at 6:23 pm - Reply

    Powerfully describes senual spontaneity, passion, lust and love! What is the name of your book?

    • Willow April 4, 2017 at 8:38 am - Reply

      Thank you sweetheart, not many people allow themselves the pleasure of releasing thier own passion fully. I am still thinking about the title.. hard to decide on the perfect one. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and leave a comment I really appreciate your kind words and your time, seems like it is a busy world out there I wish more gentlemen like you would find my room and relax for awhile with me. Willow xx

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