Morning wood

“You always get my black cock so hard in the morning”, he whispered!

So what is a naughty girl like me to do?

My eyes search through his thoughts knowing he is hard.. the energy flowing, the want is the same.

There is just something about you, something that stirs the hunger deep inside my loins.

My carnal want begins to stir, I know you enjoy the view.

Feeling my hunger, moving with me as I move.

When you connect with someone through sexual energy, you don’t have to be skin to skin.

Visual stimulation for one: he watches, wanting to taste, wanting to touch…wanting for his own needs of longing.

Expressed in private thoughts, he tells me what he wants from me.

His desire to taste me, to position me just so.

His hard cock throbbing in his hand while he strokes it, thinking about me while his girlfriend lays sleeping beside him.

Such a naughty boy..

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