Fantasy..”Call me Daddy”

“Call me daddy,” he ordered.
I obeyed helpless to my own sudden desire.
His finger slowly controlling my pleasure.

Yes daddy it feels so good.
Daddy’s hunger began licking my flesh.
I could feel daddy wanting me,
feel daddy needing me.
I could feel his desire
reaching out towards me.
So hard, daddy was for me.

With each wave of hunger,
my ass raised in the air,
obediently taking daddy’s hunger.
My wetness began to flow.

“You are so sexy”, he moaned
His hunger slowly consuming me.

The waves kept coming
as daddy expertly took command,
pushed me deeper into helplessness.

“Call out daddy when you cum,”
he whispered in my ear.
as he thrust deep inside me again.
Desire took me, willingly I gave in.

“Yes Daddy, I’m cumming daddy,”
I moaned out as daddy began convulsing
in his own pleasure, filling me with cum.

Yes daddy, baby girl loves
to sleep with your cum in my tight pussy.
Thanks for tucking me in daddy..

Sweet dreams xx

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