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The mask we wear

I am an erotic writer, this is piece from my next book. I hope you enjoy it. There is something in the hunger. Something in the moments of longing. We all crave to feel a certain burning. It washes over you, intoxicating you with something that we call "desire". It is stirred within you by the simple things. Watching someone move. Something in the look in their eyes. [...]

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Fantasy..”Call me Daddy”

"Call me daddy," he ordered. I obeyed helpless to my own sudden desire. His finger slowly controlling my pleasure. Yes daddy it feels so good. Daddy's hunger began licking my flesh. I could feel daddy wanting me, feel daddy needing me. I could feel his desire reaching out towards me. So hard, daddy was for me. With each wave of hunger, my ass raised in the air, obediently [...]

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Morning wood

You always get my black cock so hard in the morning! So what is a naughty girl like me to do? My eyes search through his thoughts knowing he is hard.. the energy flowing, the want is the same. There is just something about you, something that stirs the hunger deep inside my loins. My carnal want begins to stir, I know you enjoy the view. Feeling my [...]

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Let me model for you!

I love shopping at Yandy, it's so affordable and the styles are awesome, If you would like to spoil me just because you have a warm heart and want to fall in love with a beautiful woman  http://www.yandy.com/giftcards https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2QXOIJHDWPXCP/ref=pdp_new_wl https://www.charmandlaceboutique.com/collections/provocative-lingerie The wonderful things that I will purchase will be for your pleasure. Let me stimulate your deepest desire through the screen as you watch me get dressed and undressed [...]

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